Pup – A Prompt Story

It was so dark, and pup couldn’t run. He was confused but there were so many smells and he felt that he was not in danger. Male human put him here only a little while before and he had been so kind, still, he was ready to see the light again and to RUN!

Pup heard a voice, like Male human’s, but lighter. Female human?

He felt movement and there was light! Yes! Female human! Pup jumped and kissed her. She laughed so loud, even yelled, but they were good yells. She peed a little, so pup peed a little, but the humans didn’t like that. Pup guessed only humans could pee inside. They took him outside and he peed in the soft grass. Yes, they liked that. Now he could run, and so he did, around and around.

Time passed and pup learned the rules. Pee outside, don’t eat the trash, don’t jump up unless you have permission, and never, ever chew on shoes.

Pup and the humans had many adventures; to the beach, to the mountains, but pup loved home the best.

Female human had a new smell one day. Pup was excited, he liked to be extra close to her, she was so warm and soft. The smell grew stronger, and she grew softer until one day there was a new human.

Oh, how pup loved the new human. She was so small, and pup had to remember to be very gentle with his kisses. As she grew, she could have been a little gentler with his ears, but he forgave her. Male and Female human also forgave her for peeing inside, because, he remembered, humans were allowed to.

Little Girl human got really good at running with pup and they spent hours playing, then sleeping together. One day, she left in the morning and was gone for a very long time, and they didn’t get to play as much anymore. Pup was ok though because he didn’t have as much energy as he used to.

Female human got another new smell, but this one wasn’t good. Pup tried to tell her, he sniffed, and he whined. The smell changed over time, got worse. After a while, Female human started to rest more, and pup stayed with her because he knew she needed him. Male human was very sad. Little Girl human still wanted to play and run, but Pup needed to stay with Female human, until one day she didn’t need him anymore, and he was very sad.

Pup spent more time with Little Girl human now, because she was the one who needed him most, but not for playing. He kissed her tears away and helped her sleep. She missed Female human, and he understood because he missed her too.

Male human came home with a new pup one day. Pup was excited, but overwhelmed. Little Girl human’s noises reminded him of Female human’s the day he met her. He whimpered just a little.  

New Pup wanted to play and liked to chew on Pup’s ears. New Pup did not learn the rules quickly, but Pup tried to help as much as he could. He still slept with Little Girl human in her bed, though it was becoming more difficult to jump up.

One day, Pup lay in a sunbeam watching Little Girl and New Pup run in the grass. There were smells of the meat that Male human was cooking, and a New Female human was laughing with him. Pup knew that they were all very happy. He let out a little sigh and went to sleep.

When Pup awoke, Female human bent to pat his head, smiling. The bad smell was gone. He jumped up with excitement, breaking the rules, feeling all the energy of his youth. He gave her a kiss and she yelled, it was a good yell, and they were happy.

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